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Let's Tell Your Story

Your stories hold the key to starting and levelling up your business. Let’s turn its essence into forms people can see. We can work together to clarify & weave your brand logo, website, or online store. Come around the kitchen table, pull up your herbal tea or coffee, and let’s talk.

Why Stories Matter

Communicate Values

Show your values through visuals in your website, online store and social media channels. A picture is still worth 1,000 words.

Emotional connection

It brings us together as we feel empathy for one another, laugh together and relate – sharing your stories builds this into your business.


Telling the stories about who you are, why you are here, and who you have helped builds trust with your potential clients and customers.

Your time is too valuable to be stuck on choosing the right tech & Social media.

If you’re stuck on:

  • Trying to decide what website, blog or store platform to use
  • Trying to build your own website or designing your own logo
  • Being burnt by your previous designer
  • Not being represented properly through your current website design
  • Not having the time or expertise to do it yourself
  • Lost without a social media strategy & trying all the things

I received so much more than a website.

I have recently gone through the Website Intensive building process with Holly. What an amazing experience, it was so rich that I am still digesting much of it. My goal was to create a website that had a feeling and presence that reflected my work, values, aesthetics and projected a well-rounded sense of who and what Living Lands is. For 10 intense days Holly and I effectively worked together in a manner that made the most of what each of us could bring to the project. Holly’s process is holistic. It started out by identifying fundamental elements, getting those firmly set, then creating a solid foundation from which we could add in the details. I am so proud of my new website and received so much more than I expected!

Cynthia Pohl, Living Lands

I have a simple 3-step process. Here it is:

STEP 1: Let’s create a website, store or logo that’s unique.

You’ve put time and effort into your business. You deserve a great logo, store or website that reflects your businesses’ essence.


 Offering logo design and logo “refresh” options. Includes Brand Guide for Canva.


Offering website design. Designed and developed on the WordPress platform.


Offering custom online stores. Designed and developed on Shopify.

STEP 2: Let’s TELL CUSTOMERS ABOUT Your business.

You’ve spent good money on building a website or online store & articulating your services and products. Let’s make sure people see it.


 Offering a total social media strategy that you can do, complete with a Wheel of a Year & posting topics.


Offering assistance experimenting & setting up your Facebook and Google advertising.


Setting up a newsletter that has a regular rhythm, good content, and connects to your customers.


Yes, seriously.

She kept me on my toes.

We worked together in building my first-ever website & online store for my boutique and gotta say, she kept me on my toes. Holly is super organized but also, amazingly efficient. Holly has so much knowledge in this field. Its truly reassuring to partner with someone like her to launch an online store.

Mélanie Pieschke, Jolie Folie

Meet Holly, founder of into the wild marketing

I take businesses, creative projects, and wild ideas and assist them to be birthed into the world – transforming essence into form.

I consider myself a Business Midwife, one who is with you as you birth new programs, services and structures into the world.

My background is varied – I hold significant experience in community development, leadership, event & program design and marketing. I have been building websites, creating communities, and sharing on the Internet for over 21 years now.

I especially love to work with creative women, rural businesses, farm-based businesses, and plant people.

I live and work rurally on an 11-acre parcel of land in Lac Ste Anne County, Alberta that we call Golden Willow Farm. I offer my gratitude and deep respect to past, present, and future generations of Woodland Cree, Stoney, Métis people and others who have lived within Treaty 6 Territory and acted as stewards of these lands and waters.

When I’m not at my keyboard, you’ll find me nurturing organic plants and herbs in my backyard, strapping on a backpack for another adventure, and sipping coffee at my favourite local coffee haunts. 


Connect with me to start the process.